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ROK-Biotech, Korea's leading cosmetic brand. Launching the new product 'Dr. M-KIN Anti V Hand Cream'

Seoul, Korea - The demand for natural cosmetics has been increasing during Covid-19 throughout the world.

The pandemic has also resulted in a change in people's habits and has led to a greater demand for a natural product with functional properties including many types of household items and food.

A South Korean cosmetic brand ROK-Biotech is gaining attention for its natural functional products giving excellent antibacterial and antiviral effects; they have recently developed the products using a molecular biology tool.


Their new product Dr. M-KIN Anti-V Hand Cream launched in January 2021 is a multifunctional all-in-one product that provides hand sterilization and skin protection with a moisturizing effect.

The product went through a series of tests from the Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR) and the antibacterial test results showed it kills 99.9% of germs (5 different bacteria was used); the antiviral test results showed it was 99% effective against Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). On top of that, the results of the Skin Irritation Test (SIT) showed that the product is classified in non-irritation category (0.00). This data further proves that the product is perfectly safe for the human skin. ROK-Biotech found out that sanitizers (70% ethanol) that we use every day, cause hands to become dry, while also causing other negative effects to our hands. In order to solve this problem, they developed Dr. M-KIN Anti-V Hand Cream. This company paid a lot of attention to the moisturizing effect by strengthening hyaluronic acid and ceramide ingredients for dry hand skincare. This product is perfect to use in the winter season as Centella Asiatica extract contained in the product helps your skin recover from frostbites (cold shock).

ROK-Biotech's M-KIN is a blended word made by combining words 'Miracle+Skin', meaning Creates miracle products for your skin. With their unique technology for natural ingredients, they developed a hypoallergenic product for all types of skin including sensitive skin. The Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR), has proved it to be effective in reducing excess sebum and oil, improving blemishes and skin texture.

It has applied the company's research data and objective verification regarding the functionality of natural oriental ingredients such as Coptis Chinensis and Anthriscus sylvestris extract in new products.

They pursue their own path as a cosmetic brand specializing in natural oriental ingredients that don't cause skin irritation.

M-KIN products are natural functional cosmetics with an excellent sebum control ability as well as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, containing berberine extracted from Coptis Chinensis. They said they were able to find various natural functional materials as a result of continuous investment in R&D in order to find out new technologies for functional natural ingredient development.

Meanwhile, ROK-Biotech has announced that they are planning to launch a new item during the second half of 2021. They're currently working on research to develop cosmetic materials utilizing stem cell-derived exosomes with Biopharmaceutical Research Center located in Jeollanam-do, South Korea. As they're actively gaining investors and holding meetings with potential buyers, we are looking forward to seeing how they progress in 2021.


Media contact

Company: ROK-Biotech

Contact: Ph.D. Sang-Rok Lee, CEO

Telephone: +82-61-373-5959, +82-10-2602-5957




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Jakarta, Indonesia - Indonesia is a new battlefield for DeFi & Token giants. They leverage AsiaPresswire's Indonesia press release distribution services to build their brand image and draw awareness of investors.


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Hong Kong - AsiaPresswire announces expansion of its Crypto Press Release Distribution Team (CDT) in order to help blockchain, DeFi or Token businesses achieve greater brand awareness, increased web traffic, and grow sales opportunities. For PR / IR managers, media relation managers, and bosses who are looking to expand their business with the top rated press release distribution company for Customer Satisfaction, AsiaPresswire is the first choice for all crypto clients.


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ABOUT AsiaPresswire

AsiaPresswire is a marketing firm that offers customized online press release distribution solutions. These online PR distribution solutions are for PR firms, agencies, organizations & Corporates. It includes e-mail delivery directly to Editors who are targeted to media editors at newspapers, magazines, and broadcast outlets like TV and news/talk radio stations. They also cooperate with significant wire services like ACN Newswire, JCN Newswire, Dow Jones Factiva, Reuters Eikon, Bloomberg Terminal, Yahoo news etc. AsiaPresswire aims to offer affordable pricing to clients and their packages start from as low as $50. AsiaPresswire also provides a package to target different regions of the world and too different languages. These regions include Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, China (Hong Kong, Taiwan), Russia, USA, UK, CA, AU, DE & many other countries. The Press releases could also be translated to English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, French, Portuguese & Spanish.



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BOSAGORA Unveils the T-Fi, a First Real Economy DeFi Financial Model

Seoul, Korea - BOSAGORA, a public blockchain platform, announced on February 17, 2021, the blueprint of 'T-Fi', a DeFi financial model with an advanced concept.


Implying the 'true finance', T-Fi will present a new financial experience by connecting real economies such as securities and real estate with BOA, a coin of BOSAGORA. It also announced the roadmap that it will initiate a pilot operation on small scale in March and complete the decentralized finance (DeFi) on an incremental basis within this year when a trust contract with the Mainnet is concluded. 

According to BOSAGORA Foundation, T-Fi is an economic ecosystem that can create profits in a variety of ways. Profit creation means include the reward for block generation by operating nodes of BOA; fixed interest from the lending of staked BOA assets; and income dividend to be paid by taking part in security token offering (STO) projects that are exclusively partnered with BOSAGORA. T-Fi attracts attention from the market as it can generate profits by lending crypto assets already staked in the real economy, in addition to earnings gained through the operation of nodes and STOs that are well-known existing ways of creating value.

For the management of the T-Fi ecosystem, BOSAGORA plans to establish 'T-Fi Labs' as a separate corporation to operate nodes in its place by trusting BOA coins, while carrying out various businesses such as the lending of BOA assets, investment in the real economy, and payment of fixed interest. It will also operate an exchange where users can freely buy and sell 'lending-voucher tokens' among themselves when they are provided at lending. 

The company said that T-Fi pursues more stabilized and higher profits by complementing vulnerabilities of existing DeFis. Whereas conventional DeFis are focused on lending and transaction of erc tokens, T-Fi can make investments in various real economies. Besides, due to its profit system based on the verified real economy, T-Fi has such a structure that is fundamentally impossible to manipulate by certain power by taking advantage of bugs, smart contracts and blind spots in profit mechanism. Another advantage of T-Fi over DeFis with complex structure is the fact that it can lure universal participation as it is based on the profit system of a real economy that is familiar to all.

Out of all the Traditional economy sector, T-Fi is centre-staging the stock industry. It plans to operate lent assets through FMway, which signed a business agreement with BOSAGORA in November last year. FMway is an investment company with a big data-based stock-picking algorithm and has recorded annual average earnings of 39.7% as a result of back data testing for the past 20 years on 12 countries' stock markets. 

To decentralize T-Fi, a financial model that makes investment in the real economy including stocks, to record in blocks the various transaction details that occur outside blockchain of BOSAGORA through objective verification. To that end, BOSAGORA Foundation is known to have started the discussion with Chainlink, the world-class blockchain middleware company specialized in on-chainization of off-chain data, for integrating system through Oracle.

T-Fi Labs plans to launch lending products with 1-year maturity on a pilot basis during the first half of this year, and it will officially start service for operating nodes as an agency in the latter half when BOSAGORA nodes can be operated. In the first year of operating Coinnet, BOSAGORA is required to issue and provide BOA coins to node operator as a reward for block generation representing 37.84% of total issued coins. This is a much higher rate compared to other equivalent PoS-family projects.

"With the vision of building a better world, BOSAGORA is happy to provide safer and more convenient financial service via T-Fi," said Kim In-hwan, Chairman of BOSAGORA Foundation. "BOSAGORA will create a financial ecosystem that is transparent, fair and beneficial for all through T-Fi."

Meanwhile, T-Fi Labs will start on February 22 to receive participants in the initial pilot operation of T-Fi lending at its website and will pay fixed interest rate of approximately 27% for lending for one year. 


Media contact

Company: BOSAGORA (T-Fi)

Contact: Hannah Kang, Communications Manager

Telephone: +82-10-7771-6315




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Bitcoin Latinum Launches Tesla Roadster Special Edition Global Giveaway

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA - Bitcoin Latinum ( ), the next generation Bitcoin fork, is announcing the worldwide giveaway of a custom, new edition Tesla Roadster. As a tribute to honor the innovation of Tesla and Bitcoin Latinum, eight custom, new edition Tesla Roadsters will be created to celebrate Bitcoin Latinum's milestones in coming to market later this year.


The official giveaway entry form can be found on Bitcoin Latinum's newly launched merchandise store: 

Bitcoin Latinum is an enhanced Bitcoin fork. The Bitcoin Latinum algorithm and infrastructure break barriers and speed limits that have prevented some virtual currencies from achieving practical, real-time use. The Bitcoin Latinum tokens are a part of a blockchain ecosystem being adopted by companies in media, gaming, storage, cloud, and telecommunications. Bitcoin Latinum sold out its initial public presale in November 2020.

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors described Bitcoin in a podcast interview with ARK Invest: "It [cryptocurrency] bypasses currency controls. Paper money is going away. And crypto is a far better way to transfer values than a piece of paper, that's for sure."

Slated to become the world's largest insured digital asset, Bitcoin Latinum has appointed Marsh & McLennan, one of the world's leading specialty insurance brokers and risk advisers, to arrange a comprehensive insurance program for the new cryptocurrency through their Asia division, Marsh Asia. The contemplated insurance coverage will protect Bitcoin Latinum holders in case of external theft and internal collusion, potentially up to the full value of their holdings.

Adopting Bitcoin Latinum is Academy Award winning studio Cross Creek Media. Cross Creek has grossed over $1.7 billion in the worldwide box office, as a co-financier/producer of such films as Oscar winner "Black Swan" and "The Trial of the Chicago 7", which has been nominated for five Golden Globe awards including Best Picture of 2020. Timmy Thompson, CEO of Cross Creek Media stated, "We are very excited about Bitcoin Latinum and its capabilities as an insured token, as we continue developing award-winning properties. Cross Creek's portfolio of new media technology investments perfectly positions us to take advantage of the digital asset sector in Media and Gaming."

The giveaway entry deadline is set for April 30, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST. No purchase necessary to enter. The drawing will be held later this year after the Bitcoin Latinum hard fork.

FOR EDUCATIONAL AND INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY; NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. Any Bitcoin Latinum offered is for educational and informational purposes only and should NOT be construed as a securities-related offer or solicitation or be relied upon as personalized investment advice. Bitcoin Latinum strongly recommends you consult a licensed or registered professional before making any investment decision. Only individuals in countries that permit such giveaways are eligible to participate.


Media contact

Company: Bitcoin Latinum

Contact: Kai Okada, Director of Communications


Address: 2100 Geng Road, Palo Alto, California 94303, USA

Telephone: +1 800-528-0985


SOURCE: Bitcoin Latinum

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APS555 Announced the Launch of Sales in Europe

Shenzhen, China - The well-known Chinese brand of digital solutions for home mining APS555 announced the launch of sales in Europe, as well as among the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. The company's service centers are planned to be located in Russia, Germany, Latvia, Armenia, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. The company strives for mutually beneficial cooperation on a parity basis with all interested companies and investors.

Against the background of a sharp digital transformation of the global business, earning at home for billions of people has become the most important task. And the digital home business model has become available thanks to the international Chinese company APS555. Now everyone who has a powerful laptop and access to electricity and the Internet can earn money at home on the remote. Tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars are available to everyone on the basis of proof-of-stake technology. The Etherium brand and a number of other innovative digital solutions are based on these technologies. The operating system developed by APPS 555 allows you to conduct round-the-clock home mining on the basis of gaming laptops, extracting digital gold with ease.

At the moment, APS555 is expanding its network of service centers around the world. Negotiations are underway with the EEC countries on the appointment of the leaders of the representative offices. The APS555 digital network is being developed under the digital franchise system.

In the wake of the coronavirus restrictions, companies working in the field of digital technologies received maximum growth. Therefore, the field of digital innovation is now the most profitable for international investors.

Economic justification of the business model APS555

The digitalization of the global economy has accelerated 10-fold over the past year. Even in countries with a complete lack of digital solutions, the beginnings of artificial intelligence have appeared. Companies that focus only on offline services - restaurants, beauty salons, hotels, fitness centers-have suffered huge losses. And companies such as the ZOOM video conferencing service have seen the strongest growth.

US and European stock indexes fell from their highs by 12-20%, and many emerging markets sank heavily. And at the same time, Facebook shares are growing, and the shares of the Russian SBER have shown steady growth. Innovative healthcare organizations are also on the rise. All digital solutions are growing now.

About APS555

APS555 is managed by a top manager from America, Weiming Jou. It is founded in 2020. The company began its rapid growth at the start of the global coronavirus pandemic by releasing its operating system for home mining. The operating system allows everyone to start their own mining business without large investments and complex technological solutions. The company is currently based in Shenzhen China.


Media contact

Company: APS555

Contact: Maily Ly, General Mentor Assistant

Telephone: 86-755-26628653


Address: 4f, Building A6, Niujiaolong Industral Area, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China




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Asia Presswire Announces Job Openings for Top Media Click-Through Analysts and Promotion Managers

Hong Kong - Asia Presswire, the top press release distribution newswire, has announced the expansion of Top Media Click-Through (TMC) team in order to help businesses achieve greater brand awareness, increased web traffic, and grow sales opportunities. For candidates in public relations, media, and sales who are looking to expand their career with the top rated press release distribution company for customer satisfaction, Asia Presswire is looking to hire Top Media Click-Through Analysts (TMCA) and Promotion Managers (PM).


Asia Presswire continues to expand the program with the TMC market and sales accelerator. In support of these programs, Asia Presswire is actively seeking media, marketing, and communications professionals to fill the TMCA and PM roles.

"Asia Presswire now has developed press release distribution programs globally, including USA, Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East Asia and Africa. We have built a network with over 17 languages, including English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thailand, Filipino, Russia, German and France ... "said Arrow Fong, Asia Presswire's of Director of Top Media Click-Through Department, "We are looking for experts who can help clients achieve more."

Top Media Click-Through Specialists work one-on-one with clients to create customized Top Media Click-Through reports, acting as the reference point for all PR distribution campaigns launched during their time on the program. "We are looking for talented individuals that have a passion for storytelling who are capable of helping various businesses in different markets achieve their individual media and marketing goals," said Arrow.

Specialists will work closely with Promotion Managers to ensure client promotions are scheduled and sent properly. The collaborative effort between specialists and Promotion Managers allows for a seamless workflow to ensure client success and growth.

Promotion Managers will support campaigns for customers who have purchased our annual subscription and help support the Top Media Click-Through team by preparing, launching, analyzing and reporting. Promotion Managers will also coordinate all activities for customer campaigns with Asia Presswire's various departments including customer success, sales, marketing, and editorial.

About Asia Presswire:

Asia Presswire provides customised PR distribution to agencies, PR firms and corporates and organisations around the world. Asia Presswire also offers media and public relations to different businesses at an affordable price. A team of experts who have excellent skills in SEO tracking and PR are ready to help clients. Know more please contact


Telegram: @AsiaPresswire


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Sri Trang Gloves PCL (SET: STGT) takes serious action to protect employees against new Covid-19 outbreak


Confident in plan to boost capacity with no labor shortage this year

BANGKOK, Feb 9, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand) PCL (SET: STGT) enacts protective measures against the new Covid-19 outbreak - infection screening, weekly disinfectant spraying, mask wearing, and social distancing. Foreign workers are required to have work permits and passports. Additionally, Reduced congestion and increased hygienic housing are to be provided for employees to reduce risks. No labor shortages are expected while four new manufacturing plants are scheduled to open this year.

Ms. Jarinya Jirojkul, Chief Executive Officer of STGT, a global producer of latex and nitrile gloves, reports that since the outbreak of Covid-19 infections early last year, STGT has put considerable effort into providing safety measures to screen and protect all plant and office employees to assure customers that its premises have strict hygienic measures and are able to continue production uninterrupted.

Currently, STGT employs more than 9,000 persons, about 3,000 or 40% of whom are foreign. As a matter of policy and pride, the company provides both foreign and Thai workers a safe working environment and welfare without discrimination.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, strict screening and preventive measures have been implemented, including the following: temperature screening of all employees before entering work areas as well as dormitories; random temperature checks of personnel during the day; requiring hygienic face masks while on duty; implementing social distancing; providing cleansing alcohol for all personnel; requesting employees cease interprovincial trips to at-risk zones and to inform superiors if a trip becomes necessary.

In addition, regular disinfection of various spaces, such as dining halls and employee dormitories, has been increased from monthly to weekly. Recently, the company has also included surrounding communities in its disinfection schedule.

For foreign workers, the company ensures that they have proper work permits and travel documents. They are provided with proper housing with each unit accommodating no more than 3 persons. Access to living quarters are strictly regulated and movement monitored to prevent unauthorized access.

STGT is currently in the process of opening another four plants in Surat Thani Province and Sadao District of Songkhla Province with an opening scheduled for each consecutive quarter this year. As a consequence, the company will need 1,500 new employees to cope with the increasing production capacity to 36,000 million gloves per year, an increase from last year's 33,000 million pieces.

To ensure no labor shortages, the company has planned to recruit new employees among Thai residents in areas around the company's plants as a matter of policy to help Thai workers who are facing unemployment problems during this particularly difficult time.

Released by Public Relations Dept., MT Multimedia Co., Ltd. for Sri Trang Gloves Plc.
Wasana "Jeab" Wongsiri, Tel: +66 84 359 0659, +66 2 612 2081 ext. 131,


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Army Ant Limited Announces the Release of Its Encryption Mixer ANTUSDT

London, UK - Recently, Army Ant has announced the release of its encryption mixer (coin shuffle) ANTUSDT.


"Weak Anonymity" V.S the "Black Money", which one would users prefers? Digital currency is actually not completely anonymous (pseudo-anonymity), so the encryption mixer was born – ANTUSDT.

The digital currency address will not be linked to a real identity in real life, but if it is not done properly, it will. People can trace back to a particular transaction by associating multiple nodes in the blockchain, and then through the analysis of blockchain data and KYC/AML data, people can know who sent the transaction, and even include more details, such as location, reason of the transaction and so on.

The principle of coin shuffle:

What is coin shuffle?

Speaking of digital currency, it is easy to think of its two characteristics, one is decentralization, the other is anonymity. But the anonymity of cryptocurrencies is limited.

Although real-name authentication is not required, and the user’s real identity cannot be matched by the address, the transaction on the blockchain is public. If someone deliberately looks for it, some clues can also be found through big data analysis, unless everyone is like Satoshi Nakamoto who is as cautious as possible. However, there is a service that can provide users with sufficiently high privacy protection, that is, coin shuffle services.

Coin shuffle, as the name implies, is to mix coins from different issuing addresses and then send them out. Through this process, the correspondence between the output address and input address of a transaction is cut off, thereby better protecting the privacy of users.

In fact, the process of coin shuffle is like a lot of people throwing coins into the wishing pool. If everyone throws in coins of 1 yuan, then people can know how many 1-yuan coins who throws in at what time, but when the staff cleans these coins and sorts them out, people cannot tell which coin was thrown in by whom.

Since the Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger, it records every transaction on the Bitcoin network, and after coin shuffle, it is impossible to know which incoming transaction should correspond to which outgoing transaction. It is difficult to find out where and how much the cryptocurrency of the trader is stored, which protects user privacy to the greatest extent.

Under normal circumstances, coin shuffle for multiple times, with a small number of coins each time, is better.


Coin shuffle is a privacy protection function, and coin shuffle transactions are difficult to track. The funds are mixed with the funds of other users, and a random relationship is created between the existing user's account system and the new account after coin shuffle. This mechanism can realize the anonymity of transactions and the anonymity of all services.

ANTUSDT platform advantages

According to market research, all coin mixers on the market are open to merchants, and ANTUSDT is the only coin mixer that is open to merchants and retail investors.

ANTUSDT's business scope also includes: cryptocurrency collection agenting, payment agenting, coining cash lending, coining currency borrowing, multi-country and multi-platform acceptance, etc.

How does ANTUSDT coin shuffle make profit

Merchants need to use the corresponding currency, retail merchants supply and merchants use, and merchants give corresponding commissions (to ensure that the fund pool has sufficient spare assets to provide and withdraw coins, every coin shuffle requires the user to actively authorize it, only by obtaining the user's authorization can assets can assist in coin shuffle.

Cooperative merchants have paid a deposit equivalent to 25 BTC and a full liquidity deposit of more than 5 times to ensure zero risk in ANTUSDT business.

Introduction of AUTUSDT rules

Ordinary users can earn coin shuffle commissions by participating in two-coin shuffle methods through a single authorization.

ANTUSDT cross-chain coin shuffle

ANTUSDT creates a large-scale coin shuffle pool, which gathers the most circulating currencies on the market.

Join the cross-chain coin shuffle via authorization, their assets will be mixed with hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies around the world. Through countless asset interactions, the traces of funds of participating users can be completely concealed to achieve the effect that the ocean can bleach ink.

ANTUSDT has a large number of cooperative merchants. The coin shuffle pool can handle a large number of assets with privacy requirements 24 hours a day, and provide encrypted whereabouts and currency exchange services for assets. Every time ordinary users are authorized to participate in cross-chain coin shuffle, they can obtain the commission earned by the coin shuffle pool.

Reciprocating acceptance coin shuffle

Join reciprocating acceptance coin shuffle via authorization, their assets will be on standby at any time for major merchants to call, during which their assets may switch between various currencies. After applying for the call, the user needs to press the "Re-exchange" button in the order on the coin shuffle details page.

Large merchants will restore their assets to the original digital currency within the specified time and pay the corresponding commission.

In the fiat currency world, this problem can be traced back to a real legal case in the 17th century. The conclusion of the case is that-if users receive a banknote involved in theft, the police will later investigate that the banknote was stolen and traded several times before it reaches their hand. In this case, the police have no right to Take this banknote from their account. The same is true for digital currencies. What does it matter if users receive a coin that is not stolen by them?


Media contact

Company: Army Ant Limited

Contact: Hagimoto Madoka




Telegram: @antusdt001



SOURCE: Army Ant Limited


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World-Renowned Keynote Speakers announced for POWER WEEK ASIA 2021


SINGAPORE, Feb 9, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - The POWER WEEK Organising Committee is proud to announce the updated speaker lineup for POWER WEEK ASIA Virtual Conference, which is set to commence on 15 - 18 March 2021. Across 4 days, we will be broadcasting live interactive presentations, in-depth panel discussions, and networking sessions from leading experts across the world.

POWER WEEK ASIA attracts the industry leaders from national power companies, government regulators, policy makers, renewable & IPPs, investors and suppliers from around the globe. With C-level speakers and attendees all under one roof, it offers the chance to learn the success strategies and pitfalls of notable power projects.

The conference features 20+ engaging sessions covering government regulation & policy, market liberalisation, energy mix & integration, fossil fuels in power market, demand & supply, renewable energy outlook, energy transition, utility-scale solar development, wind energy, tariffs, energy storage, smart grid technologies, mini-grid & microgrid, digitalisation, electric vehicles, power trading, project finance, project development, energy efficiency and many more.

Join in from wherever you are online either live or watch the sessions on-demand - POWER WEEK ASIA is the most anticipated power & electricity show, not to be missed!

Global energy leaders who have confirmed to speak:
- Simon Li, President, Asia Pacific Project Business Unit, Trina Solar, China
- Alice Jawan, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Utilities, Malaysia
- Torbjorn Kirkeby-Garstad, EVP Asia, SN Power, Philippines
- Santisouk Phimphachanh, Deputy Director General, Department of Energy Policy and Planning, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Laos
- Yasuhiro Sakuma, Deputy Director, Advanced Energy Systems and Structure Division, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan
- Pongsakorn Yuthagovit, Assistant Governor of Planning and Power System Development, Provincial Electricity Authority, Thailand
- Akihiko Taniguchi, Executive Officer, Global Partnership, JERA, Japan
- Arun Kumar Mishra, Director, National Smart Grid Mission (NSGM), India
- Zainal Arifin, VP, Technology Development & Standardization, Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), Indonesia
- Ingo Birnkraut, CEO and Managing Director, RWE Technology International, Germany
- Narsingh Chaudhary, EVP & Managing Director, Power- Asia, Black & Veatch, Thailand
- Shinichi Yasuda, SVP, Structured and Corporate Finance, Development Bank of Japan
- Nuki Agya Utama, Executive Director, ASEAN Centre for Energy, Indonesia
- Nicholas Woffinden, CEO, MREF Power, Myanmar
- Martin Angelov, SVP, Asia Pacific Project Finance, Korea Development Bank
- Ray McLaughlin, Head of Capital Markets, Mainstream Renewable Power, Singapore
- Gu-Yoon Chung, Managing Director, ENEL Green Power, Singapore
- Mohd Yusrizal Mohd Yusof, Managing Director, TNB Renewables, Malaysia
- Shalabh Singhania, Director & Head of Portfolio Management, InfraCo Asia, Singapore
- Jitendra Nalwaya, Vice President, BSES Yamuna Power Limited, India
- Bert Deprest, Head of C&I and Renewables, ENGIE South East Asia, Singapore
- Virgil Beaston, CTO, Powin Energy, United States of America
- Evan Beaver, Head of Charging, Chargefox, Australia
- Philip Napier-Moore, Programme Leader, Renewable Power, East Asia, Mott MacDonald, Thailand
- Aman Modi, Partner, Boston Consulting Group, Singapore
- Marko Lackovic, Principal, Boston Consulting Group, Singapore
- Achal Sondhi, APAC Market Director, Fluence, Singapore
- Francois Espinassous, Head of Advisory, Asia Pacific Project Finance, Korea Development Bank
- David Platt, Partner, Pinsent Masons, Singapore
- Robert de Groot, Energy Storage Specialist, Mott MacDonald, Singapore
- Rahul Gupta, Solution Leader and Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company, Singapore
- Stephen Woodhouse, Director, AFRY, United Kingdom
- Johanna Heckmann, Head of Charging Infrastructure, P3 Group, Germany
- and many more

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FIREDAO Launches a New DeFi Protocol for Financial Independence


Seoul, South Korea - Recently, FIREDAO, a famous community-run platform in crypto industry, has launched a new DeFi protocol for financial independence. WallStreetbets movement's recent squeeze on Wall Street and the following response by stock trading apps proved that the current financial infrastructure serves much better the privileged financial establishment rather than retail investors, who need a new system, which would be inclusive, fair and will not discriminate users by age, nationality or starting capital. It should be a system that values equal access, investor rights and cannot be shut down by greedy corporations. It also should be a system which guarantees financial freedom.

The idea of financial freedom has always been an inspiration for many people but in reality less than 1% of Americans retire before age 50. Achieving financial independence from a typical 9-to-5 job and having an opportunity to work optionally is the main idea behind the "FIRE" movement (stands for "Financial Independence; Retire Early"), which attracted millions of followers around the world. In their online communities FIRE adherents tell their success stories, support each other and share practical advice on cutting living expenses and making efficient investments.

The core FIRE strategy is quite simple: if a person starts making aggressive savings (50%-70% of income after tax) then after 10-15 years of work this substantial investment portfolio should generate annual profits larger than living expenses. For investments most FIRE influencers recommend a passive strategy based on stock index funds. Though these strategies work well in a growing economy, currently, many individual investors are nervous that despite unfavorable underlying economic conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, stocks markets have been inflated too much and too quickly by the unprecedented monetary stimulus. In expectation of the global economic slowdown and the subsequent stock market crash in 2021 many FIRE enthusiasts explore alternative investment strategies to protect their retirement funds.

Surprisingly, the blockchain industry, traditionally associated with high risk investments and price volatility, currently offers efficient instruments for long-term strategic investments with the help of so-called "stablecoins". Stabelcoins are cryptocurrencies, which value is pegged to stable currencies, most often, the US dollar. Therefore stablecoins allow making payments and investments measured in US dollars, and the holders of stablecoins do not have any risk associated with Bitcoin's price going up or down. The world's three most popular stablecoins are USDT, DAI and USDC, all pegged to the US dollar.

However, compared to cash or other forms of electronic money, stablecoins have a major advantage as they can be used by smart-contracts - algorithms that generate revenue from cryptocurrency lending and exchange operations. These algorithms are fully autonomous, meaning they work 24/7 without downtime, intermediaries, maintenance and human intervention. This is what makes them very cost-efficient. Also, these algorithms are open-source, so many developers can review their computer code and confirm their safety and resilience. Finally, smart contracts run on Ethereum blockchain - a decentralized network of hundreds of thousands of computers, which means that no one can stop or secretly modify these algothisms.

Within the blockchain industry these financial algorithms are commonly known as Decentralized Finance or DeFi. The technology turned out to be so efficient that the DeFi sector started to grow at astonishing speed: in 2020 cryptocurrency holders deposited over $25 billion dollars in DeFi protocols, which is a 25X increase since February 2020.

In February 2021 FIREDAO, a startup backed by several prominent crypto VCs, launched its first DeFi product targeting FIRE enthusiasts interested in safe and long-term investment options.

"FIREDAO was established to explore the opportunities of using blockchain-based products to support people's long-term financial needs," - says Almir Salimov, the marketing director of FIREDAO. "Our mission is to fast-track our users to financial freedom by offering low-risk financial products that consistently generate much higher returns than the stock market." 

Right from the start, FIREDAO was set-up as a community-run organization, which means that all important decisions on product and marketing strategy are made by FIRE token holders. To make governance open and democratic, the FIRE token is being introduced via a 5-year long liquidity mining program, which everyone can join. "Collaboration, interoperability, and teamwork are in the DNA of the DeFi industry, where developers build complementary products and benefit from each other's work. In FIREDAO we heavily rely on the knowledge and expertise of our partners and other teams who help us develop better and more resilient products", - explains Mr. Salimov.

At launch, FIREDAO announced two financial products: a yield aggregator and a co-investment protocol. The yield aggregator is a smart contract that accepts deposits in three stablecoins: DAI, USDT, and USDC, and automatically deploys them to other algorithms like dForce, Compound, and Aave that generate the highest returns. FIREDAO deploys capital only to the most trusted algorithms in the DeFi industry: for example, Aave and Compound manage assets worth $3.7 billion and $3.1 billion USD in deposits respectively and can generate up to 15% APY on stablecoins at the time of writing.

The co-investment protocol, which will be released later, aims to help retail investors pool capital and invest together in blockchain projects. The mission of FIREDAO is to democratize investments by removing any barriers, commissions and intermediaries. Unlike investing through VCs and hedge funds there are no minimum investment requirements, no commissions, no performance and management fees to pay. Unlike the infamous Robinhood app that tried to stop retail investors from winning the battle against Wall Street firms, in FIREDAO no one can intervene with user's decisions. Similar to other DeFi products the co-investment protocol allows investors keep total control over their funds at all times and invest directly in selected projects.

In contrast to centralized apps like Celsius and BlockFi, protocols like FIREDAO, Aave or Compound are open-source, decentralized, and non-custodial allowing depositors manage their assets in a transparent and flexible way without the need of passing KYC (Know-Your-Customer procedure).

FIREDAO's products have a formal security audit pending, and until then run in safe mode, limiting the total deposit amount to $300,000, a sum which was reached within minutes after the protocol went public.


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Combating the COVID-19 Remains Top Priority and Biggest Challenge for the Indian Government in 2021

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the Indian government has not been able to contain the situation and cumulative total of confirmed cases crossed a ten million threshold, there are nearly 160,000 confirmed cases at present, while cumulative number of deaths broke the 150,000 mark, and the number of patients is still climbing on a daily basis.

Yet, even with such dire circumstances at home, the Modi administration does not appear to have taken any emergency measures, instead concentrating attention on external conflicts.

Since August 2020, there have been countless reports of rampant infections among Indian air, land and maritime freight crews, some of which were sent back to India, while others are quarantined locally. There was even an Indian airline that was ordered to suspend all operation due to suspicion of fabricating negative COVID-19 test result. To a certain extent, the Indian government's incapacity to suppress the coronavirus on its soil is inevitably turning the country into a hot bed for the virus to both spread among its people and elsewhere across the globe.

Ever since Narendra Modi took office as Premier of India, he has endeavored to expand India's global clout, going so far as to declare that India is prepared to "save the world" at international conferences. In a recent speech, Premier Modi revealed research and development situations regarding two of India's vaccines, asserting that these two jabs boast high efficacy against the virus and capable of saving humankind.

The New York Times was skeptical and pointed out that the Indian government doctored the published statistics of confirmed cases and intentionally reported figures lower than the actual tally. If proper calculation methods were observed, India's total counts of confirmed cases and deaths should both rank second-highest in the world, and should be deemed one of the countries worst-affected by the disease.

Some opine that Modi is just trying to save his own skin because there is serious discord within the nation, and the true intention of his rhetoric is to instigate the ethnic pride among his people in order to alleviate the social conflicts arising from his agricultural reform, solidify his position and reinforce the power in his hands.

What India should prioritize right now is to keep the spread of the coronavirus under control. India ought to uphold its duty as one of the world's major nations, stand with other countries in fighting the pandemic instead of making baseless claims, and stop irresponsibly driving a surge of infections across the globe.

Co2Bitcoin (Co2B) Combatting Global Warming at Coinsbit Exchange


Co2Bitcoin will be available on January 28, 2021 at the exchange.

New York, NY - A decentralized group of innovators and visionaries, focused on mitigating the causes and potentially cataclysmic effects of climate change, has introduced a new financial instrument. A cryptocurrency, Co2Bitcoin, available to the public on January 28th, 2021, will help Countries to finance local projects to combat global warming’s negative effects on our environment and inhabitants.  Co2Bitcoins have already been used to acquire and protect over 100 million trees in the Brazilian Rainforest, saving them from fires by clearing and maintaining the underbrush and using controlled burns, ensuring that they will be preserved, sequestering critical amounts of Co2 and its brimming habitats, for generations to come.

Co2Bit ( has already signed partnerships with the Governments of Madagascar, Gambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Niger, Sudan, Guinea Bissau, Congo Brazzaville, Mali, Comores, Gambia, Guinee, Gabon, Ivory Coast, the Edo Province of Nigeria, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and individually the provinces of Kwango, Maniema, Bas Uele, Kwilu, and Equateur and Lebanon, Center for Energy Conservation. More than 30 countries are expected to be signed before the end of February 2021 and it is the goal of Co2Bitcoins to be partnered with more than one hundred countries by the end of 2021.

Liquidity of the currency will be supported organically by the growing investor demand for cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and the rising appetite for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) impact investing. The Co2Bitcoin currency, like any other, depends on its utility, and of course supply and demand, to determine its exchange rate.

Co2Bit has many advantages that point to its sustainable impact:

- It is the first crypto currency that has the formal support of many nations. The governments will be the main token holders, which give this token a more secure stature.

- It has a healthy and comprehensive objective to protect the planet, through the financing of projects aimed at reducing the impacts of global warming in the near term and long term.

- It is a very promising message for the public and institutional funds where the Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) vision is becoming more important.

- It will make it possible to create a more efficient and liquid voluntary carbon credit option, which will allow large emitters to come and buy Co2Bitcoins, in addition to carbon credits. This will have a stronger impact as they strive to maintain positive brand images.

The price of carbon credit certificates has steadily increased over the past 4 years. This market remains a specialist market, exceedingly difficult to access for private investors. As many polluting actors are obliged (legally, or more often by market forces) to offset their carbon footprint. Co2Bitcoin could become a new financial instrument used by companies as a voluntary carbon credit. This Co2Bitcoin asset could, specifically, be mentioned in the environmental annual reports of companies to raise their ESG rating. This will ultimately result in this currency being used more and more, increasing its liquidity and utility. For speculators, this natural demand could have a positive impact on the appreciation of the price of Co2Bitcoin.


The Co2Bit cryptocurrency, when injected into climate mitigation project financing, facilitates technological innovations in solar, wind, and hydroelectric power stations, new technologies for making steel and plastics, advancing agricultural yields, and other projects impacting deforestation and reforestation globally.

The Co2Bit currency will benefit from strong overlapping trends as significant interest from private and institutional players in cryptocurrencies are multiplying across the entire asset class. On the Ethereum blockchain and in its Smart Contract, one (1) Co2Bitcoin has a value of 1/13th an ETH. Based on a January 25, 2021 price of $1404 USD per ETH, this would result in a price of $108 USD per Co2Bitcoin.

In the words of Anatoly Karpov International Statesman & Ten-Time World Chess Champion, " Co2Bitcoin is a real, practical step to try and solve the problem of Global Warming which disturbs the whole world."

For additional information go to, . Co2B coins will be available January 28th, 2021 on the highly respected, Award Winning Coinsbit Exchange ( for both individual and institutional investors. This Exchange is centralized and recently launched their Decentralized Exchange (DEX). It is renowned for its reliability and convenience for traders of all experience levels. Coinsbit Exchange offers superior security protocols for the safety of each transaction. It includes the world’s first online store for buying goods with cryptocurrency. And, P2P Loans just got easier! Register for free today at 


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